A Birthday Letter to RG3

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Adam Bradley

Dear RG3,

I apologize for not knowing prior to today it was your birthday, otherwise I would've gotten your gift in advance.  

I usually rely on Facebook to remind me of birthday's but I don't believe we're Facebook friends yet so the reminder never popped up.  Either way, I hope you're having a great birthday.

I feel like it was just last year you were turning 23 and now you're the big 24

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Did you know you share the same birthday as Abraham Lincoln?  Sources say you all were born in different years though.  

I personally am a HUGE Lincoln fan.  It wouldn't surprise me if you were already familiar with Lincoln's story but I wanted to share some additional history

As I started thinking about you turning 24 it reminded me that it was at this age Abraham Lincoln first got into politics.  Pretty impressive for a 24-year old.

His first stint in politics was campaigning for Illinois General Assembly.  Apparently Lincoln was able to draw a major following with his enthralling disposition but due to his lack of experience he did not win the campaign.  

As they say, a setback is just a set-up for a comeback and that held true for Lincoln.  

It held even more true for Lincoln the year before when Lincoln opened his first ever business at age 23.  Lincoln and a friend bought a general store in New Salem on credit but despite the booming business in the region, Lincoln's business failed and Lincoln got out.  

After starting a business and failing at age 23, followed by entering into his first campaign and losing, Lincoln was battling the demons of discouragement.  Things hadn't been going as planned for Lincoln.

Thankfully those demons weren't in his inner-circle as his friends encouraged him to press forward and keep running for office.  He was asked to speak in Pappsville, a town west of Springfield to where he opened his commentary with the following remarks: 

"Fellow citizens - I presume you all know who I am - I am humble Abraham Lincoln." 

Interesting title for a 24-year old to give himself, you agree?  Lincoln didn't win that campaign but it's been said after the trials Lincoln experienced the previous years, he gained a new level of enthusiasm for his craft (politics) that would remain with him.  

It speaks to the maturity of Lincoln that he was wise enough at age 24 to introspectively collect these lessons and allow them to become teachable moments for him.

When I think about Lincoln's life during this time I asked myself the question: in the midst of those demons of discouragement, had it not been for his inner-circle (friends) who were supporting him, would Lincoln had continued pressing forward?  

You may be asking yourself: what does all of this have to do with my birthday?  Good question.  

I wanted to offer up the story of Lincoln because the parallels in Lincoln's life are far too similar to the 24-year old leader of the Washington Redskins story.  

I also thought theres no better gift to give someone on their birthday than to offer up an apology for being one of those "demons" feeding you daily discouragement rather than being a voice in the circle to help you keep pressing forward. 

As a Redskins fan, the Redskins winning a Super Bowl during a time where I'm old enough to remember is one of the items on my life's bucket list.  So shame on me for bringing down the one person that has the ability to bring us up.  

My friend Burgundy Blog reminded us all:


I fell victim to being a prisoner of the moment last season and as the walls came crumbling down I went from singing your praises, to 12-months later turning my cheek.  Thankfully those in your inner circle aren't as fickle as I am.  

Two months removed and now with a clear mind; the thought of a healthy Robert Griffin III, a bulky knee brace being left behind and a new coaching regime in house, I'm happy to give RG3 my best Terrell Owens impersonation: that's my quarterback. And with a sober mind, I'm ecstatic thats the case.  

I know I should give my wife roses on more days than just Valentine's Day.  In the same way, I should let you know I'm excited you're my quarterback on more days than your just your birthday but you'll have to cut me some slack... I'm a guy! 

Lincoln went through lessons that opened his eyes and with the help of his friends he turned out better than before.  Hopefully Redskins Nation can be that friend and although things didn't go as planned last year, we can help you be better than before.  

Happy Birthday RG3.



Speaking of fickle... It wasn't that long ago your name was getting reactions like this.  Enjoy this Birthday flashback.

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