Is Art Briles Leaving the Door Open for the NFL

Posted on January 02, 2014 by Adam Bradley

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

We all know the current list of candidates to be the next Redskins Head Coach.  We've crossed off Lovie Smith (Buccanneers), Bill O'Brien (Texans) and Darrell Bevell... Oh wait, thats just me because of this

There's still plenty of names remaining including Art Briles.

Towards the end of last nights Baylor defeat to Central Florida, ESPN commentator Sean McDonough shared the conversation he had with Art Briles about the NFL.  

Here is what McDonough had to say as he paraphrased Briles response:

"He said he was intrigued by the NFL if for no other reason than to demonstrate his style of play on offense would work in the NFL, encouraged by the success of Chip Kelly with the Philadelphia Eagles.  And he also said, this is a business and 4.5 million is nice but there are other schools and NFL teams that may pay you more than 4.5 million a year.  He didn't give you the standard - I'm very happy where I am and I'm not going anywhere response."

This certainly caught my attention.  The tone from Briles to McDonough is different than anything I had read from Briles and Briles's camp previously  Something to keep an eye on. 

McDonough & Chris Spielman later went on to say they don't think Briles to DC would be a good move for Briles.

next up:

Some insight into Redskins Coaching Candidate Darrell Bevell

January 01, 2014

Courtesy of Seattle Seahawks Hawk Blogger some insight into Darrell Bevell


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