Some insight into Redskins Coaching Candidate Darrell Bevell

Posted on January 01, 2014 by Adam Bradley

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I don't know many Seattle Seahawks fans but those I do I highly suggest you follow Brian Nemhauser from Hawkblogger who covers the Seahawks better than anyone on the web.  

WIth news that Bruce Allen traveled to Seattle to meet with Head Coaching candidate Darrell Bevell.

We sat down with Nemhauser to get some better insight into Bevell the Coach, the person and leader.  

Five questions with Hawkblogger: 

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- If you were the GM of the Redskins (because we don't have one) would Bevell be on your coaching list?  Would he be a top-3 candidate?  

I have never been that enamored with Bevell. I think he is a solid OC, but I don't see much innovation in his work, and he is not a leader of men that I want in a head coach. 
Most people outside the organization do not understand that Tom Cable is actually Bevell's superior and controls the whole run game. He also is ultimately responsible for the offensive game plan. Bevell calls the plays, but I believe Cable creates the menu. The most common reaction I hear from Seahawks fans when Bevell is mentioned as a coaching candidate elsewhere is, "I hope he gets the job." Bevell would not be on my list, let alone top three.

- How much credit do you give Bevell for the development of Russell Wilson?  Or is Wilson just naturally good?  I'm afraid Bevell is good when he's got good QB's (Favre, Wilson) but bad when he doesn't.  

Wilson is more of a challenge for a coach than people realize. He overcomes his size with fantastic complimentary skills, but there are types of throws the offense likely has to cross out in the playbook (e.g., some slants, etc.) that can limit an OC. Of course, there are very few quarterbacks that can really make all the throws, despite people making that statement so often. Matt Hasselbeck, for example, had tons of trouble with the deep ball that Wilson throws so well. The more direct answer to your question is that Russell Wilson was going to be Russell Wilson no matter who was his coach. 

3) What do the players say about Bevell?  Are they openly supportive of his leadership?  

That is one of the things that would concern me is you rarely hear a player say something in support of Bevell. Gus Bradley was the polar opposite. Players had a ton of respect for him. Everyone had respect for him. Bevell is probably a solid guy, but I don't sense much magnetism.

4) What are some of the personality traits associated with Bevell? 

Bevell is calm, and seems like a grinder. 

5) What current NFL Coach would you compare Bevell's coaching philosphy, attitude, personality and leadership style to?
I honestly don't have one that comes to mind. Maybe a little bit of Greg Knapp? I think there is some Norv Turner in the way the offense runs, but it is hard to say how much of that is Pete's preference and how much of it is Bevell. 

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