The Ball Hogs 12-17-13 (DC Sports Podcast)

Posted on December 18, 2013 by Ball Hogs Radio

The Ball Hogs 12-17-13 (DC Sports Podcast)

The Ball Hogs crew is back in studio! Join Adam Bradley(@ABradley5), John Wilkes (@WilkesonWarpath), and Mike “MJ” Johnson (@MJMediaDMV) as they talk all things DC and Nationwide Sports!

On this show:

  • Seg1: Redskins Problems; Kirk Cousins vs RG3
  • Seg2: Kevin from call in
  • Seg3: DMV Roundup: Wizards, Orioles

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Listen Here:

"Mike Shanahan Fired"

"What's the best available coaching job in the NFL? , Best available coaching candidates, Chris Baker's "Fly Eagles Fly" tweet"

"The Ball Hogs 12-17-13 Seg3"

"The Ball Hogs 12-30-13 Full Show"

next up:

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