Are you a Redskins Fan against Dan Snyder?

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Adam Bradley

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Redskins fans are angry and understandably so.  

The team is in turmoil and as Michael Wilbon put it: the laughingstock of the NFL

There is more finger-pointing than fingers to point.  

The real challenge in this is trying to figure out who to point the finger at: Coach Shanahan, RG3 or Dan Snyder?  

The easiest of which is Dan Snyder.  I personally don't point my finger towards Dan which I'll explain in this weeks podcast, but I feel confident when I say I think I'm in the minority.  

Yesterday morning through my standard internet browsing routine I noticed friend after friend after friend signing up for this Facebook group titled: Redskins Fans Against Dan Snyder - RFADS  - While I watched the progress in the morning the group went from 250 followers at 10:00 to over 900 by 2:00.  Thats over 150 an hour, it was building steam at a good rate.  What really got my attention was the description that accompanied the page that read: 

"Here we go again!!! Lets see if we can get some momentum again. How long will it take him this time to shut it down?" 

I was intrigued.  This was something that was created before and got shut down?  And was this an indicator that Redskins fans frustrations were at that point where it was time to re-create this page again? 

I started doing some research.  I learned the page was created back then and created again by Alan Poho, the owner and operator of Tommy Joes in Bethesda, Maryland.  I also learned that Tommy Joes was a place Dan Snyder visited on one occasion shortly after buying the team. Snyder sat in the back of the restaurant by himself and had his driver deliver him beers while the driver sat at a different table according to Poho.  

I reached out to Poho to get the story behind the new page and the back story on why/how it was shut down previously.  

"I originally started the first page after we lost to Kansas City in 2009.  My frustrations with the team had just reached that level where I wanted change so I created the page." Poho said.   The page quickly got up to 15K followers in just 3-weeks after being spotlighted in Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog and others.  

After Sunday's game Poho said: "he had never been so embarrassed" so he felt compelled to start the page up again.  

Why was the page shut down originally?  "That is a good question, my guess is that someone within the team knows someone at Facebook and requested it be shut down." That is speculation but nonetheless it got shut down.

I understand how owning a sports bar could make you look at the success of a team in a different light knowing that revenue tends to parallel the success of the team but with Poho you can quickly tell this isn't about sales, this is about passion from a fan who loves the Redskins. 

"As a fan, there isn't much you can do to create change but when the frustrations levels get to where they are, creating a page like this is the least I can do," said Poho.  "And if it gets taken down again, hopefully I won't need to create a new one, we'll see." 

Are you pointing the finger at Dan or are others to blame?  Tweet us @BallHogsRadio

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