The Ball Hogs Turn Three Years Old

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Ball Hogs Radio

Believe it or not, the Ball Hogs and Ball Hogs Radio is now officially three years old.  We're an old young bunch.  

Three years ago this week a group of us sat in a basement in Frederick MD, jumped on the mics and recorded a sports show we're still not sure anyone actually listened too.  It was a wild first year.

Year two provided a handful of new adventures too. 

As we fast forward three years, ALOT has changed.  Our family has grown, our home has moved but the passion has remained the same.  

Lets look back at year three highlights:

It all started with the launch of our final two shows to the network: Purple Reign and Talk The Red

At that point the network was up to nine and was rounded out.  Will we add more?  Possibly.  Maybe we'll save that for our four year celebration.  

We closed the doors of our beloved basement studio, and like the Jefferson's, "we're movin' on up". We packed our bags and took our crew to a brand new full-time studio.  First order of business for the studio: buy a coat rack.  Of course. 

The studio is sweet!  24/7 access to a studio was an essential move for us as we tried to manage nine shows.  The studio allowed us to produce shows every night of the week. We were finally becoming the full time radio network we had envisioned just a few years ago. 

We even experimented with video.  Could there be more video in the future? 

Buffalo Wild Wings became our new network sponsor and 788 Old Bay wings later we couldn't be happier.  

We designed new shirts for the network and despite the fact that we look like a softball team (according to our Ravens team) we love the new look. For those high-maintenance t-shirt wearers like @ABradley5 we made sure we ordered 50/50 blend t-shirts for the extra comfort. 

Photo Credit: BHRN

During year three the BHRN team had our largest growth both traffic and personnel wise.  We went from twenty-five contributors to now over fifty.  We welcomed some of the most talented and entertaining bloggers to officially join the network.  None of them could proceed to prime-time until they made it through our rigorous Ball Hogs blogger boot camp.  After grueling days and nights writing 5000+ word blogs on the Steve Spurrier era and Cam Cameron's offense they were ready for game-action. As you could imagine, our numbers more than doubled as a result.  

We're now in a position where we receive 3-5 new application requests a week, our platform can be your platform, so feel free to reach out. 

As the year continued we decided to re-brand our Redskins show with a brand new look and feel. After going through hundreds of names we settled on the name: Redskins Republic.  We liked the sound of the new name and it's always a good thing when both words start with the same letter.  Unfortunately the re-brand was short lived as we were asked to change the name.  You may have read about it here, or here or maybe even here.  Either way, I'm sure you're now familiar with the new and final re-brand name of Hail Republic.   

Photo Credit: BHRN

Are you a Frederick, MD resident?  You can now read every Sunday in the Frederick News Post paper the Ball Hogs Radio Network's weekly column. The 500-700 word column is on whatever topic we'd like to discuss.  Giving some radio guys access to a paper publication with 30K+ subscribers will be entertaining nonetheless. 

Photo Credit: Frederick News Post

For most of our third year, BHRN prepared ourselves for an announcement scheduled to be released on October 1st.  After coming to an agreement in early Spring, the Ball Hogs Radio Network had plans to become the first ever affiliate of the Monumental Network.  You can read the press release here.  

Migrating nine websites with a tremendous amount of content onto a brand new platform was no easy task but it was a complete team effort and we successfully launched the new affiliation early fall.  As BHRN continues to evolve joining Monumental was a great growth step our company was ecstatic to make. 

The story of BHRN is continuing to be written and is being told in more and more places.  Secondary Media LLC (Ball Hogs Radio Network) CEO Adam Bradley shared our story at DC Entreprenuer Week, Towson University Business Symposium and will be participating in future events at the Smith School at College Park and University of Maryland Shady Grove campus. 

Most importantly we continue to allow our platform to be used for things much more important than any of the sports we talk about on-air. BHRN was proud to support a variety of charity and fundraising events throughout the year.  Most recently we were honored to support Dr. Ray Solano and the Capital Area Food Bank for a special event at Mad Fox Brewery.  One day prior our Baltimore teams partnered up with Baltimore Orioles Adam Jones for his charity #StayHungry event. 

Later this year we'll be joining forces with Chris Gorres Explosive Performance team to raise money for his family whom were majorly effected by the recent Typhoon that hit the Philippines.  

Then as we approach the holiday's we'll be in attendance at the Paul Rabil Foundation Holiday Gala to help raise money for the Lab School and those who suffer from various learning differences. 

As we sit here today, on behalf of the entire BHRN team we'd like to say thank you to all those who've listened to our shows, read our blogs, visited our sites and supported our network.   We're a group of fans who passionately love our teams and love expressing that passion through our various avenues and wouldn't be able to share this story had it not been for you.  

Sometimes you'll agree, sometimes you'll laugh, at times you may ignore, but no matter what, we're in this fan fraternity together. Through thick and thin, as we all hope for the absolute best with our teams, we look forward to doing it together with you. 

- The Ball Hogs Radio Network

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