The Ball Hogs Go Through an NFL Style Workout

Posted on October 06, 2013 by Adam Bradley

Photo Credit: Explosive Performance

The folks over at Explosive Performance invited the Ball Hogs Radio Network team to their facility for a special NFL-style workout. 

The EP team is responsible for many of the Redskins strength & conditioning when the guys aren't in-season.  Ryan Kerrigan, Perry Riley, Josh Morgan, Pierre Garcon, Lorenzo Alexander & others have gone through the EP circuit and to no surprise, faired MUCH better than the BHRN team.

With representatives from The Ball Hogs, Purple Reign, Talk The Red & WizardsXTRA in attendance, some made it out in better shape then others.  Talk The Red took advantage of the trash can by dumping their afternoon lunch in it.  WizardsXTRA said: "I workout but I don't workout like that." My wife joined the workout and opted to ride home with the seat reclined all the way back.  If these players do hour long workouts like this, 4-5 times a week... God Bless them.  It took me 4-days to recover. 

Here's three interesting observations showing the difference between pro athlete and average joe: 

Photo Credit: Explosive Performance
  • We were put on a hydraulic squat machine that measures your explosion through the squat.  For perspective purposes: I am 6'0" 185 and can bench 245.  Im not majorly big but Im not small either, Im as average as they come. On the hydraulic squat machine, you squat down, put both pads on your shoulders, and explode upward. I scored an 1800. Our group maxed out at a score of 2200.  Ryan Kerrigan, uses this machine for his legs and his arms, he scored close to 4000 using his ARMS.  He is able to get on his knees and explode upward with his arms and have twice as much power as I have in my LEGS.  Putting some truth to the statement: his arms are probably stronger than my legs.  
  • On the vertical jump our group maxed out at 31" vertical which is 10" shorter than the 300lbs of Trent Williams.  My vertical landed at 28" more than a foot shorter than an offensive lineman.  NFL athletes are freaks of nature.
  • Have you been on a curved treadmill before?  Just know there is no limit to how fast you can go since it all depends on your speed.  And because of its curve, its like you're running downhill at times.  The EP team put us on the Curve and had us max out our MPH.  We maxed out at 18mph. 260lb Chris Wilson came in at 19.6 while receivers like Morgan and Anthony Armstrong run around 21-22mph's.  

Prior to this past weeks workout, I never questioned the gap between a pro athletes measurables compared to an average joe, but seeing the disparity firsthand was an eye opener.  Oh yeah, Ryan Kerrigan's arms are stronger than my legs. 

See what EP is all about here: 

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October 06, 2013

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