Ball Hogs Radio Turns Two-Years-Old

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Ball Hogs Radio

Yes! Ball Hogs Radio officially turns two years old today.  You probably remember our one-year celebration which we documented here. In the age old-saying: time flies when you're having fun! 

A lot has changed since then so lets bring you up to speed:

The past year kicked off by bringing us a brand new studio in the new man cave of Kevin Eaton's house.  After a weekend full of painting, laying down carpet, flat screens and revamping an old 1970's pool table into a studio table, our new BHR studio was officially upon us.

Taking ball chutes to the next level.

A key to producing a great podcast is being comfortable in your environment, this was the exact type of environment we were looking to create.

The new studio welcomed many guests over the next few months: Eric Bickel (EB) from the JunkiesFunny DannyDan HellieGene Wang from The Washington PostNeil Greenberg and Andre Smith as they all were showcased in our special spotlight series.

We also welcomed the folks from the local Gazette who flipped the script and asked if they could write a spotlight on us... we gladly obliged.   The Rockville Patch got in on the action too.

Standard expression from Wilkes during a Bradley/Wilkes debates.

We were offered a cartoon contract which we declined but we loved their drawing. Ha!

Saturday AM Cartoons

But we decided to connect with the kids in a different way.  We hosted career day at a local elementary school and allowed the kids to interview their favorite people, most picked their teachers.

Favorite question from the kids: "whats your favorite food?"

We were invited to speak at kids camps about the success of the radio show and what it feels like to interview "pro athletes."

Kids went home with special Deuce Brand watches

Those relationships led into us hosting Ball Hogs Radio Night at QO High School.  A live broadcast with the student body who call themselves the "Red Army" was a great experience.

There's a wait list to be one of the guys who gets his chest painted.

As much as we enjoyed the confines of our studio we knew the importance of getting out in the public and trying to grow our audience.  We held live events at Bar Louie in Rockville with special guest RG3.

RG3... How about smiling for the camera?

We set-up shop at Caddies on Cordell with our friends Angela Rypien and EB from the Junkies.

Angela, EB & BHR

And in our big event of the year, we got together with Hogs Haven and hosted the now famous RG3 Draft Party from Rocket Bar in DC.  Our video team came out for this one, documented the activities and released the video the next morning.  With 25K views in the first day, this is what we called the RG3 effect.

We were invited to celebrity softball games:

1 for 1 with a single and a controversial catch in CF.

We hosted contests all throughout the year, "You Had Me at Helu" t-shirts (which we're purchased specifically by the Helu family) and letting Bradley Beal himself pick the winner of his fan nickname contest.

For some reason he didn't pick "Beal Parmesan"

The year continued to bring us some excitement and at times a little bit of drama.  Remember the name Phillip Thomas?  The safety who the Redskins may or may not have signed?  The guy who may or may not have been real?  The story on the "Fake Phillip Thomas" we were part of was chronicled in Yahoo, on NFL.comPro Football Talk and a whole lot more... That was interesting.   

Special exclusive sit-down interviews with guys like Brian OrakpoBrandon Banks, LarDarius WebbNiles Paul continued to round-out what a great year we experienced.


This year also saw incredible growth for us.  With the support of our tremendous sponsors and supporters: Caddies on CordellSports ExtraSoldierFitDeuce Brand & SOL Republic we've been able to connect deeper with our listeners and help fund the kickoff of our brand new Ball Hogs Radio Network.

We announced the official press release for BHRN back in August and with the redesign of ALL the networks logos this is where we stand today:

As we mentioned in the press release:

BHRN is a network of DC, Maryland and Virginia based Internet sports talk radio shows focusing specifically on each of the regions major professional and collegiate teams.

The network is designed to provide the local area sports fans with an additional source of entertaining, insightful and professional radio content, on-demand for convenience, available directly on the Internet.  All shows can be accessed by visiting

 As we keep moving forward, Ball Hogs Radio "The Ball Hogs" will continue being the flagship show for BHRN.


We have experienced incredible growth over the past two years and we'd like to thank all of you for the support of BHR & BHRN.  We've enjoyed growing this and our hope is that we've been able to provide you with some entertainment in the process.

We feel blessed to be a part of all of this and although we don't know what the future holds, I can speak for the entire group we're excited for whatever that may be.

- The Ball Hogs

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